Just a little of what goes on in my ...

November 2, 2017

I'm going to be sharing some of the thoughts that go through my mind, which are a lot. I'm used to discussing what I've read, learned or am going through with my boyfriend, sisters and mom and I get a kick out of being challenged with my ideas and am also the type that talks everything out. Believe me, EVERYTHING. Thoughts, ideas, beliefs, things I'm learning, stupid everyday things. There's not one thing that I wouldn't share with the people in my life. Now, the closer they are, the more details they get. 

So, why do I do it?! Why is it that I share every aspect of my life with my inner circle,  and why has it been hard for me to include everyone else?!

Well, for one thing, I can't or don't want to ever be completely alone. I'm not saying that I can't spend time alone or don't enjoy some good...

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