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iREST (Integrative Restoration)

iRest Yoga Nidra, one of the principal programs offered by IRI, is a research-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that: 


•   releases negative emotions and thought patterns

•   calms the nervous system

•   develops a deep capacity to meet any and all                   circumstances you may encounter in life



Based on the ancient teachings of meditation, iRest is an evidence-based transformative practice that leads to psychological, physical, and spiritual healing and well-being. iRest provides you with tools to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve your interpersonal relationships and provide you with greater mastery and control in your life.


  Research has shown that iRest Yoga Nidra effectively reduces:

•    PTSD

•    Depression

•    Anxiety

•    Insomnia

•    Chronic pain

•    Chemical dependency

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